NES To Host Parent Spring Fling Curriculum & Common Core Standards Night

        Spring Fling Curriculum Information Night

Tuesday, May 6th 2014

     6:00 pm - 8:00 pm


Please join us for a parent informational session focused on learning more about the Common Core and ways to support your child's learning.


Reading (meeting in the library)

  • Overview of the Common Core Reading Standards
  • Assessment of readers and Newell's current and upcoming benchmark levels
  • Basic Skills menu of services
  • Fun and easy ways to support learning at home
  • Summer Reading Challenge 2014


Math (meeting in rm. 127)

  •  Overview of the Common Core Math Standards
  •  Math Practices - What are they?
  •  That's not how we learned math! Demo  lesson
  •  Technology and games to make learning fun



Last names A-L                       Last names M-Z

                                                         Reading 6:00-7:00                     Math 6:00-7:00

  Math 7:00-8:00                      Reading 7:00-8:00



Spring Fling Parent Information Night RSVP

Please return to your child's classroom teacher by Friday, May 2


Family Name:________________________________________


I plan to attend:  Reading                Math           Both

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