NES--Mrs. Kimee Moore Hosts Reading Auction

On May 21, Newell Elementary held its 2nd annual Reading Auction for its 3rd and 4th graders! Organized by librarian Kimee Moore, the reading auction is held as a way to promote reading and writing. For each book that a student reads, they write up a brief summary of the book. For each summary, the student receives "Newell Money" which is then used to purchase items at the auction. Our 3rd and 4th graders did not disappoint......they read over 567 fiction/nonfiction books in the period January 13th-May 20th

Prizes were abundant this year thanks to our wonderful community as donations from the UFRSD PTA, UFRSD Scholastic Book Fair, SWAL Dairy, Cocozello Family, McCormick Family, Roche Family, as well as numerous others made available many prizes. Once the students received their "earnings" they then had to determine what prizes they wanted to bid on as well as how much they wanted to bid. 131 students bid on prizes such as a Nook, tickets/pizza for a family of four to a Yankees Minor League game and gift certificates to SWAL Dairy. Auctioneer Mike Rowley kept the action going while volunteers Deb McCormick, Beth Murphy, and Pat Wiencke made sure that each student was heard. Each student took home a prize to represent their hard work.......We're proud of our Newell Readers!

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