10 Years Later...thanks UFRSD.

I remember my first interview in the UFRSD. Superintendent Dr. Connolly, Principal Mimi Peluso and Asst. Superintendent Maybeth Conway and me. At the time, I was ready to accept another job offer, but something was different about this interview - joy, humor, passion, and an unmatched commitment to kids were clearly present. I found a match. I wanted to be in this great district; a district whose first impression was, in fact, the reality.

10 years later, I consider myself so fortunate to be a part of this district. Things have changed - a new building, curriculum revisions, changes in staff....but, what hasn't changed is the one major focus of our district (the focus that drew me here in the first place).....kids. I had a professor in my first graduate class when I was attending Seton Hall who would always tell us about a sign she placed on her desk, "The answer is 'YES,' if it helps kids." I love this thought and love that fact that Dr. Fitzpatrick, the administration, the teachers and staff all have this belief; it is one of the culturally synchronistic traits of our district. This is why I feel so proud to say that I am a part of this district - a common belief in doing whatever it takes to help, support and teach kids.

10 years later, I am embarking on a new part of my journey. I have been truly blessed to be the Principal of Stone Bridge Middle School. SBMS is a chapter in my professional and personal life that will remain closest to my heart. The students, staff and parents have taught me so much about excellence, resiliency, passion, and love. Lasting friendships have been formed. Stone Bridge is a special place. Today, I am transitioning to a new position, Assistant Superintendent, a position that will afford me the opportunity to work closer with the wonderful staff and students of Allentown High School and the talented staff and students of Newell Elementary School,  while I continue to work with the fantastic people at Stone Bridge. It is a position that will give me a chance to work with educators and kids in all of our schools as we continue to move forward as a district.

I leave Stone Bridge with confidence in the staff and students; they are truly a gift. I have supreme confidence in our new Principal, Ms. Negro - there is no better human being, educator, and advocate for kids. She is excellent in every sense of the word.

10 years later, time has flown by, but what hasn't changed is this district's primary focus - doing our best for kids. The answer in the UFRSD is "YES," if it helps kids. Thank you UFRSD for having that same focus 10 years later - joy, humor, passion and an unmatched commitment to our kids. Carpe Diem!


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