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October A/B Calendar - BUSY month ahead!

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Dear Parents and Students,

For the 3rd consecutive year, our 6th and 7th graders will be take part in Peer Proof.

Peer Proof is a program that reinforces self-esteem, individuality and making positive choices. Everyday challenges that youth face are presented for discussion, including: peer relationship issues, bullying, cyber-bullying, harassment, substance abuse including prescription and over the counter medicine, external influences, judging trustworthiness of others, child sexual abuse, stress management, violence/gang awareness, developing positive coping and conflict resolution skills. Program sessions incorporate role-playing, discussion, media clips, Powerpoint and the opportunity to practice skills they have gained. (taken from

The schedule is as follows:

  • Grade 6 Peer Proof starting on Monday, September 30 for 6 consecutive Mondays
  • Grade 7 Peer Proof starting on Tuesday, October 1 for 6 consecutive Tuesdays
    • Students wil have Peer Proof one period per week for 6 consecutive weeks. 

If you'd like to see the Peer Proof curriculum - Click Here: Peer Proof Curriculum

If you have any questions, please contact me. 


Mr. G. 

5th Grade Permission Slip to Newell

The trip to Newell is tomorrow. Our 5th graders participated in the Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge and did an awesome job. They get their reward tomorrow at Newell ES. Congrats. Parents, if you haven't signed the permission slip, you can download it here. Please send it in tomorrow or they won't be able to go.

Permission slip - Summer Challenge.pdf

A Newer Social Media Concern

I am a HUGE advocate for the use of social media for the purposes of education and the unbelievable value that it has in our world today. As a Principal, I use a number of social media venues for the purpose of communciation and professional development. The responsible use of it is truly an added benefit to daily life. 

I am, unfortunately, often reminded of the hurtful and innappropriate use of it amongst kids. Recently, I have been made aware of another site - (it seems like a new one comes up once parents become aware of the latest social media trend amongst teens) that allows students to anonymously post questions to the account holder and engage them in hurtful dialogue that is BULLYING. There are no parent controls. Michael Sheehan (@HighTechDad) writes on his blog:

There are comment threads that are quite bullying in nature (e.g., "you are fat/ugly/stupid/[insert insult here]"). The few cases where I have seen those types of comments, most users seems to shrug those off. Sometimes, other users jump to the defense of the bully-ee. A few of these types of mean comments are probably okay. But when they are piled on and repeated over and over, it becomes hateful and damaging.

My advice...ask your kids if they use If they do, delete their account. Anonymous questions and comments that are hurtful = bullying. 

September A/B Calendar


First Week Menu

Looking forward to seeing everyone on Wednesday! Here is the first week's menu:

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