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One week left...

This is the time of year that I absolutely love. The anticipation of a new school year and the energy that every element of the school possesses is contagious. One week from today the journey of 2013-2014 begins, and we are all ready to "rock and roll." 

In a recent article from the Examiner (written by Maureen Daye) some new initiatives at SBMS were discussed. 

"We have had a number of people move into the district from other communities," he said. "Additionally, we have a few new Choice students [part of the Choice Academies for Advanced Level Math and Algebra]."

Guterl said he and the school's staff members are excited to begin an applied technology class for seventh- and eighthgrade students. The applied technology class will help students explore audio communications, computer-aided drafting, forensic science, robotics, structural engineering, flight simulation, digital music and architectural design.

This year marks the beginning of a course titled "Big History Project," which is funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The course is an exploration of history and science from the beginning of time to the present. Stone Bridge Middle School will be one of about 13 middle schools in the world to offer the course.

A coding club is planned to begin and will help students develop their creativity through computer programming. Another section of a popular eighth-grade elective, Digital Photography, will be provided this year.

New initiatives are just the tip of the iceberg; there is an abundance of other new and exciting news that we will share soon enough. In the meantime, we are ready and prepared for the wondrous, inspiring and energizing school year that lies ahead. We can't wait to see the kids and all of you in the near future. 


Can't wait for 9/4! CARPE DIEM!

Mr. G. 

5th Grade Parent Orientation Slides

If you missed the 5th grade orientation this week, or you would like to review the slides, please take a look at what we covered. If you have any questions, just ask! Looking forward to September 4th!

5th Grade Parent Orientation2013.pdf

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