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A Difference - Everlasting Change

I love middle school. The ups and downs...the extreme rollercoaster of emotions...the brilliance of the young adolescent and the generosity that lies in each middle schooler's heart. Each day, I feel fortunate to be an educator in middle school. 

One of the key ingredients of my happiness is to see the amazing deeds that our kids do day in and day out. This year is no different. The Class of 2013 (our 8th graders) will be taking part in their annual 8th Grade Walk-a-thon on May 3rd. They will be raising money in an effort to create everlasting change in the lives of people half way around the world - Malawi, Africa. Through Villages in Partnership - VIP - (www.villagesinpartnership.org), our 8th graders will be changing lives, not only today, but for generations to come. VIP works with villages in Malawi to improve life in six specific areas: Education, Water, Infrastructure, Economic Development, Food, Healthcare. The improvement is not meant to be immediate (although it is), but instead, everlasting. Our students are helping to raise money that will affect generations to come!

Last Friday, we held our Walk-a-thon Kick-off assembly to get our 8th graders revved up. Their goal is $10,000. One of the highlights for me occurred when our student committee (made up of only 8 eighth graders) announced that they had already raised $1,380 before even kicking off the Walk-a-thon. Wow!!! At our assembly, we announced some incentives for our kids in order to motivate the entire class to raise well over $10,000. Here are the details:

  • If they raise...
    • $5,000 - Bagels for all 8th graders
    • $7,500 - Mr. G. will wear a bear suit around school for a day.
    • $10,000 - The 8th grade will get a "free" day of school to plan whatever they would like to do, AND they will be able to duct tape Mr. G. to a wall and take a class photo (which they will each get a copy of). 

I am proud to be a part of this and to work with such outstanding and wonderful 8th graders. They make me proud each day. I am confident that they will exceed their goal quite easily.  


For the first time, the Upper Freehold Regional PTA and the Upper Freehold Regional Education Foundation have joined forces for a great cause. The proceeds from the event will fund a mobile iPad lab. This lab will allow our youngest students the opportunity to work with the latest Apple technology. The lab will have enough units for each child to use their own tablet during lessons, while the mobility of the lab allows it to move from class to class to reach the student population. These are the type of technological advances that our students have not been privy to due to current budget constraints.

The event will be a fun and special evening out for all involved. We will be stepping back in time to the 70s (not that any of us are that old) we encourage you to dress the part if you wish...you know, add to the atmosphere! The games we have chosen are The Newlywed Game, The Match Game and Family Feud. Families, individuals and Sports Organizations are all enlisted to participate and it should be a hysterical evening!

Included in your ticket price will be Appetizers, Pasta Course, Dinner Entree, Dessert and OPEN BAR! Please gather your friends and join us to support our community and our CHILDREN!                                           

Event Details:

Wednesday, April 17 at 8:00pm

Mercer Oaks Golf Club

Checks made payable to UFRPTA

Credit Card sales contact Vanessa DePompo vanwin615@aol.com

To volunteer to participate in the games or with questions please feel free to contact me (jmderasmo@yahoo.com), Vanessa DePompo vanwin615@aol.com or Anita Kinneythekinneygroup@msn.com

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