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The Traffic Light @SBMS

Recently, a traffic light was erected at the SBMS entrance. After the school was built, community members voiced concerns regarding the potential for an accident at the entrace of our school/Yardville-Allentown Rd. In response, the Monmouth County Highway Department surveyed the intersection and made the decision to put (and pay for) a traffic light at the SBMS entrance. 

Beginning Thursday, February 21st at 9:00 a.m. the light out front will be put on a flash signal. There will be signs on both entrances to Yardville-Allentwon Road advising motorist's of the light, etc... Effective Tuesday, February 26th the light will be fully functioning as a regular stop light.

We have been told that the State Police will be here as well to make sure everything runs smoothly.

I hope this helps to explain how the traffic light @ SBMS came into existence.

PT Conference Sign-Ups

February 14, 2013

Dear SBMS Parents,

Believe it or not Spring Parent/Teacher Conferences are right around the corner! Conferences allow for meaningful conversations focused on the most important part of the Stone Bridge family, our students. We look forward to this dialogue in an effort to be partners in the education of our kids.

Spring conferences will take place over two days - February 27th and 28th from 1:10-3:10 p.m. As you know, this is not enough time to meet with every parent, so if you feel the need to meet with your child's teacher, make sure you sign up early; spots will fill up fast!

This year, we continue to use a more user-friendly system for conference sign-ups. Conference sign-ups will occur electronically through our website. Parents can either use the link on the SBMS website or "cut and paste" this web address: http://www.ptcfast.com/schools/_76

Once you get to this website, simply click next to the teacher's name and follow the directions. 5th Grade Parents - We would advise you to focus your attention on the teacher that your 5th grader spends the majority of his/her time with during the day (typically his/her homeroom teacher). However, you will be able to sign up for each of your child's teachers using this system.

If you don't have internet access, we ask that you call our main office to schedule a conference with a specific teacher.  

Our conference days and times are as follows:

  • Wednesday, February 27th - 1:10 - 3:10 p.m.
  • Thursday, February 28th - 1:10 - 3:10 p.m.

 Each conference with teachers will be 10 minutes. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call or email us.

As always, we appreciate your continued support.

Our best,

Mark Guterl                                        Stefanie Negro

Principal                                              Vice Principal            

Carpe Diem Poems

Recently, an 8th grader came to me and asked, "Mr. G., have you ever heard of a carpe diem poem?" Even though Carpe Diem (Sieze the Day) is a favorite thought of mine, I hadn't heard of carpe diem poems. She explained that they were about living for today and enjoying life. She decided to write one (see below) to show me what they were. Needless to say, I am now a fan of carpe diem poems.

Like A Rainbow: Carpe Diem
Live like a rainbow
Come beautifully
Stay beautifully
Giving joy
After the storm.

Go like a rainbow
Fade away
Leaving happiness
And a little pot of gold
For those who need
Just a smile
And a rainbow to say
Carpe Diem

Written by: Mia A.

SUN (Stand UNited Against Bullying) Update

The SUN initiative continues to flourish at SBMS. Students are continuously having conversations about bullying, and their motivation to reduce bullying behaviors at SBMS is high. 
Recently, we have had a great deal of activity regarding SUN and the SUN message. For instance:
  • SUN Classroom Meetings continue to be the backbone of our program. Meetings take place every other Friday with the primary purpose of promoting conversation and thought about bullying. Last Friday, students in 8th grade discussed examples of bullying that relate to sexual orientation. While 7th graders talked about bullying that occured during the Civil Rights movement. All grade levels praticipate in SUN meetings. Promoting conversations with students about bullying is essential for any successful anti-bullying effort. Visit http://ufrsdms.sharpschool.net/cms/one.aspx?portalId=1171954&pageId=2015476 for dates of upcoming SUN mtgs. 
  • Rachel's Challenge came to our district for the second year in a row. Wow! Kids at the high school and our 7th/8th graders were mesmorized and inspired by the Challenge. Parents were also invited to the event at night.
  • The PTA sponsored two assemblies that highlighted bullying topics. "New Kid" (for our 5th and 6th graders) was a unique performance that allowed students to explore life through the eyes of a new students - the challenges, the fear and what a huge difference kindness makes. "In Real Life (for our 7th/8th graders focused its attention on cyber-bullying and the affect it can have on multiple lives. Both were excellent!
What's coming up with SUN?
  • Surveys!!! Quick parent and student surveys will be given at the end of March. Stay tuned for details. 
  • Our 2nd School-wide Movie is coming before Spring break. Movies we've used in the past are Temple Grandin, Rigoletto, and Penelope. The ABC (Anti-Bullying Coalition) will be making the upcoming movie selection shortly.
  • Sharing of survey data will take place in April. This is a critical step. Allowing kids to see that their voice matters and promotes change is an important piece to our SUN program. 
  • We hope to post a video of what a SUN Classroom Mtg. looks like. Stay tuned!
Our SUN program is constantly being evaluated and updated. Monthly updates will now be given on the blog so that the entire SBMS community will now what is happning with SUN!

Want to win $10,000? PTA Mega Raffle

Tickets are selling fast! Are you interested in:

  • having a 1 in 300 chance of winning $10,000?
  • having a terrific dinner for two?
  • supporting the PTA's programs for our kids?

Was your answer, "Yes!" If so, contact Cindy Dee (cindydee3@yahoo.com) or Jenanine Delaney (jeaninedelaney@optonline.net) to secure your ticket.

The event is Saturday, March 9th @ 7:00 p.m. You do not need to be present to win the grand prize of $10,000. For more information see the PTA raffle flyer below.


Quest for the Cure Week

Each year, the Stone Bridge students and community participate in Quest for the Cure Week. The week is devoted to raising money for the Jimmy V Foundation (www.jimmyv.org). As we kick the week off, we encourage all students and community members to participate in the theme for each day. Our goal is to raise $7,000 for cancer research. Let's make it happen Stone Bridge!

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February A/B Calendar

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