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Spring Athletic Physicals

  • Spring sports physicals for 6th through 8th grade students will be held at the middle school health office on Thursday, January 31, 2013 between the hours of 9:30 am and 11:30 am.  Students must bring athletic physical forms Part A (completed and signed by a parent) and Part B.  Physical forms are available in the Middle School Main Office or at the school website.
  • All Athletic Physical Paperwork is due by January 29, 2013.  All students who have their physicals performed by a private physician should have paperwork in to the main office by January 29, 2013.  All incomplete forms will be returned for completion.  Please expect processing delays for incomplete paperwork or late submissions.  Please note that a physical done here at school will ensure that your student athlete is cleared for all sports during the 2012-13 school year.  Late submissions will result in any of the following: significant processing delays, missing tryouts, and/or loss of participation.    

Win $10,000 - Read about GREAT PTA Event

A Message from the PTA:
There is still time to purchase a ticket to the Night of Chance $10,000 Mega Raffle Dinner! The event is being held on Saturday, March 9th, 2013 at Stone Bridge Middle School. One ticket buys dinner for two, and a chance to win door prizes, multiple $500 awards and one Grand Prize of $10,000! The event is open to everyone, so spread the word to family and friends. You need not be present to win.
Tickets sales will end on February 4th, so send in your ticket order now! Use the attached form or download a copy from the PTA website at www.ufrpta.org by clicking on the flyer. Contact Cindy Dee at cindydee3@yahoo.com or Jeanine Delaney at jeaninedelaney@optonline.net with any questions.
Please support this PTA fundraiser so that proceeds can fund the many quality programs brought to our UFRSD students.
Thank you,
Your friends at the U.F.R.E./M.S. P.T.A.

New Kid by Young Audiences

This morning our 5th and 6th graders were treated to a performance by the George Street Playhouse. Through the Young Audiences organization, the PTA brought the award-winning production of "New Kid" to SBMS. "New Kid tells the story of an immigrant family from a fictitious place called "Homeland." They arrive in America to discover a new culture and unexpected prejudice against Homelanders. Both poignant and funny, the play is an international favorite and has been performed world-wide. Winner of the Reuters Festival Choice Award for Best Children's Production at the 1997 Dublin Theatre Festival. An inventive comedy about cross-cultural communication and what American society can feel like to an outsider." - http://www.yanj-yaep.org/program/new-kid/ Thanks, PTA!

Spelling Bee spells S-U-C-C-E-S-S

Two-time champion Julian Tsang heads to regional competition DATE POSTED: Thursday, January 17, 2013 1:05 AM EST By Joanne Degnan, Managing Editor, Messenger Press Seventh-grader Julian Tsang won the Stone Bridge Middle School Spelling Bee for the second year in a rown on Friday night, Jan. 11, and now advances to the regional competition. Staff photo by Joanne Degnan Déjà vu: (noun) A feeling of having already experienced the present situation. UPPER FREEHOLD -- He stood several inches taller and spoke with a deeper voice than his last time on stage, but Julian Tsang's keen skills as a champion speller hadn't changed in the least. For the second year in a row, Julian won the annual Stone Bridge Middle School Spelling Bee, this time besting 22 other students in grades four to seven in a friendly, albeit nerve-wracking, competition lasting two hours and 21 rounds. Fifth-grader Deven Kinney placed second, and sixth-grader Elizabeth Olshanetsky finished third. Julian, a seventh-grader, now advances to the regional spelldown at Monmouth University on March 11 in his quest to eventually make it to the Scripps National Spelling Bee in Washington, D.C., in June. Last year, as a SBMS sixth-grader, Julian finished 10th in that regional competition in Long Branch. "I've been studying hard this past year," Julian said. "It's cut into my video-game time for sure, but it's worth it," he said with a hint of a mischievous smile. The evening began with 23 of Stone Bridge's best spellers fidgeting in folding chairs beneath the glare of the stage lights. Principal Mark Guterl and PTA President Vanessa DePompo, seated at a desk in front of the stage, served as judges with a 5-pound dictionary at their fingertips to resolve any potential dispute. Teacher Chris Scaturo served as emcee, announcing the spelling words from a list provided by Scripps. Whenever students requested, Mr. Scaturo also gave the word's definition, language of origin and used it in the context of a sentence. With relatively easy words in the early rounds such as "family," "camera," "nitpick," students confidently stepped up to the microphone. When Mr. Scaturo asked students, as the contest rules required, if they had given their "final answer," some were so exuberantly self-assured a simple "yes" wouldn't do. "Yepper-ooonie!" "Indeed!" and "That it is, sir!" were just some of their jaunty replies. By Round 7, however, the spelling words were becoming more difficult, the mood more serious and the responses more tentative. Several students began using their fingers to trace the letters of spelling words such as "suspicion" and "elaborative" on their hands before responding, and many asked Mr. Scaturo to repeat a word or its definition multiple times. Whenever a student struggled with spelling a word, the rest of the contestants sat frozen in their metal chairs with pained expressions on their faces. If the hesitant student at the microphone spelled the word correctly, the other contestants burst into spontaneous applause with the audience. In Round 13 fifth-grader C.J. Buchanan stumbled on the word "herbaceous," and the contest was whittled down to the final three contestants: Julian, Deven and Elizabeth. By the time Round 17 began, Mr. Scaturo already had exhausted his list of words and had switched to the Scripps' alternate list, which included challenges such as "nonchalance," "hokum" and "cayenne." "You've gotten further than I ever would have," Mr. Guterl told the three finalists at the start of Round 18 as the audience laughed along with his attempt to break the tension. By Round 19, only the two boys were left on stage. When Deven misspelled "hokum," it appeared to be over, but then Julian flubbed "cayenne," which gave Deven another shot because the contest rules require the winner to also spell his word in that round correctly, plus a final championship word as well. Deven's respite was short-lived, however. The fifth-grader made a mistake spelling "luscious," allowing Julian to prevail in Round 20 with his word, "electioneer," and finally his championship word, "exfoliate," in Round 21. As Mr. Scaturo pronounced Julian the winner, Deven was the first one across the stage to congratulate him and shake his hand. Afterward, as the contestants posed together for the parental paparazzi and congratulated one another, Kaileigh could be heard telling Julian she was sure he was headed for Harvard one day. Perhaps, but for now, Julian says he has set his sights on Monmouth University where eight weeks from now, he'll be under the stage lights again representing Stone Bridge Middle School in the regional competition. The SBMS spelling bee contestants were: fourth- graders Maggie Bardwil, Claire Ford, Doug Fusco, Mathew Moehringer and Jack Zaffarese; fifth-graders C.J. Buchanan, Jillian Cary, Deven Kinney, Christopher McCrea, Anna Nolan, Jordan Reid, Arya Singh and Ryan Topping; sixth-graders Luke Brown, Elizabeth Olshanetsky, Luke Reilley, Andrew Sargent; and seventh-graders Francesca Buchalski, Lau'ren Cococello, Ally Jurgens, Julian Tsang and Kaileigh McLaughlin. (The 23rd contestant was a sixth-grader whose parent requested that his name not be published).

In Real Life: IRL - Young Audiences

This moring the PTA treated our 7th/8th grade students to a wonderful character education performance of IRL: In Real Life. Put on by the George St. Playhouse in New Brunswick, the short play gave valuable lessons and consequences for the cyber-bullying. The program aligned well with our SUN initiative, because it gave the 7th/8th graders a clear picture of how their actions can deeply affect other people. A brief description of the play is below.

"When two students find their feud surfacing on friends' cell phones, e-mails and the internet, insecurity, fear and humiliation surround their every move. From shared texts, exploited secret photos and threatening online conversations, cyber-bullying reaches every facet of the students' lives and leads to consequences everyone needs to face."

Teen for Jeans

The students and staff of Stone Bridge Middle School will be collecting gently worn jeans of all sizes for www.dosomething.org and Aéropostale's Teens for Jeans Campaign.

The collection will begin on January 14th and will run through February 8th. Donations will be accepted in every home room.

The home room that collects the most jeans by February 8th will win a pizza party for their class.

Additionally, www.dosomething.org and Aéropostale are offering a Grand Prize to the school that collects the most jeans overall, which included a $10,000 grant, Aéropostale hoodies and a party for the entire school.

For questions, please visit www.dosomething.org or contact Mrs. Bryant (bryantj@ufrsd.net).

Rachel's Challenge Coming Back to UFRSD

Last year, SBMS was lucky and fortunate to have Rachel's Challenge (thanks to our PTA) come to speak to our students. With a great deal of fanfare, Rachel's Challenge is back! This year, they will be speaking with our high school students and our 7th/8th graders. I strongly encourage all parents/community members to come to Allentown High School on Monday, January 14th at 7:00 p.m. to hear this inspiring and powerful story of kindness and compassion (visit www.rachelschallenge.org for more information).

Below is a letter to our 7th / 8th grade parents. Because of its importance, it is being mailed home.

January 8, 2013

 Dear Stone Bridge 7th and 8th Grade Parents,

 We are more than excited to let you know that Rachel's Challenge (www.rachelschallenge.org) is coming back to speak to our 7th/8th graders! On Monday, January 14th, in the AHS auditorium, a powerful and inspirational story beginning with tragedy and evolving into one of kindness and compassion will be shared with our 7th and 8th graders. Additionally, parents and community members are invited to an equally transformative presentation on Monday, January 14th at 7:00 p.m. in the Allentown High School auditorium.

 During the day (on January 14th), our 7th and 8th grade students will be experiencing Rachel's Impact (the 2nd year program) to build on what they were a part of last year.  We will be transporting our students by school bus over to Allentown High School to see the 2nd year program. We believe that Rachel's Impact will continue to help to strengthen our SUN culture at Stone Bridge and within our district. Last year's presentation was moving for our students and staff; we have no doubt that this year's presentation, although slightly different, will be equally as moving.

 We also believe that our community will find the story of Rachel Scott powerful and memorable. If you are able to join us, please try to come for the 7:00 p.m. presentation of Rachel's Challenge at Allentown High School. We believe it is a message that every student and every parent in our school district should hear. If you are interested in learning more about Rachel's Challenge, please visit www.rachelschallenge.org.

 If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

 Our best,

 Mark Guterl                                                                       Stefanie Negro

Principal                                                                             Vice Principal




MONDAY, January 14th @ 7:00 p.m.

Allentown High School Auditorium

"I want to express to you how outstanding Rachel's Challenge was for our school. This is my twentieth year in education and I have never been witness to a more powerful and long-lasting program for youth." - R. Ryan, Principal, Colleyville Heritage High School

Spelling Bee Flyer 2013.jpg

Peer Proof Program Back @ SBMS

Starting this week, Campfire USA will be in to work with our 6th and 7th graders. Their focus will be the Peer Proof program, which they have done within our school before. This is a six week program that helps students navigate through the challenges of life. Below is a brief summary of the program.

What is the Peer Proof Program:

The primary focus of the Peer Proof Program is to instill self-efficacy skills that will enable our students to effectively and successfully interact in their home, school and overall community environments.  During each session, students will be provided with strategies, techniques and asset building skills to help them handle the issues and pressures of their daily lives.

The students are given a brochure on the first day that lists the topics covered, thus allowing parents the opportunity to discuss and reinforce the issues/topics.

Peer-Proof teaches

  • Ability to distinguish between assertive, non-assertive and aggressive behaviors 
  • Awareness of the positive qualities of a friendship and their relationship to assertiveness 
  • Recognition of the benefits of assertive behavior 
  • Ability to initiate and maintain conversations 
  • Applications of specific responses to put-downs, teasing and tattling 
  • Ability to apply techniques to resist negative peer pressure

Dates for grade 7: Jan 3, 10, 17, 24, 31 and Feb 7

Dates for grade 6: Jan 4, 11, 18, 25, Feb 1 and Feb 8

January A/B Calendar

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