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Our first-ever Week of Respect Challenge starts Oct. 1st and concludes Oct. 5th. Students are being challenged to brainstorm ways to show respect in five different categories: Yourself (Monday), Family (Tuesday), Teachers (Wednesday), Classmates (Thursday) and the Community (Friday). Students are being challenged to show one act of respect each day for the entire week. Students will be receiving challenge forms in their homerooms. Each act of respect needs to be confirmed by an adult.

Students who complete all five acts of respect enter their name in a chance to win one of three great prizes. Participation is optional, but we are encouraging all students to participate!

Please join us in highlighting the need for respecting ourselves, family, teachers, classmates and our community by encouraging our kids to take part in the Week of Respect Challenge!

October A/B Schedule

Here is October's A/B schedule!

Below is a link to a chart of what activities that SBMS offers students after school. Please know that the list is always changing based on suggestions from teachers, students and parents. We are always looking for ways to enhance and expand what we offer students.

Extra-curricular list.pdf

Encore Options - 2012-2013 School Year

Encore courses are also known as "specials." Encore courses include exploratory classes (prescribed) and electives (student choice). Exploratory classes offer students a range of opportunities or experiences that they may want to pursue in the future. Elective classes give students the opportunity to choose based on interest and desire to advance their understanding and skills in a particular content area. We are constantly looking to expand our offerings for students, and we hope that we will continue to develop our Encore program to its fullest extent in the future.


All Stone Bridge students will take Spanish and Physical Education for the entire school year. They will alternate on an A/B schedule.

5th Grade:

Encores in 5th grade are prescribed for students. Students do have a choice between music and chorus. All encore courses in 5th grade are ½ year courses and alternate on an A/B schedule.

·         Music / Chorus (choice)

·         Art

·         Computers

·         Current Events

6th Grade:

All courses in 6th grade are ½ year courses and alternate on an A/B schedule. Band rehearsals will take place before school.

·         Music / Chorus (choice)

·         Art

·         Computers

·         Current Events / Debate (choice)

·         Band (before school)

7th Grade:

Students in 7th grade have more choices to make. Chorus is a full year course in 7th grade. All other electives are ½ year courses. All electives run on an A/B schedule. Additionally, Band rehearsals will take place before school.

·         Music

·         Chorus

·         Band (before school)

·         Debate

·         Computers

·         Art

·         Current Events

·         Theater

8th Grade:

Students in 8th grade have choices to make. Chorus is a full year course in 8th grade. All other electives are ½ year courses. All electives run on an A/B schedule. Additionally, Band rehearsals will take place before school.

·         Chorus

·         Music

·         Band (before school)

·         Art

·         Computers

·         Debate

·         Theater

·         Digital Photography

·         Current Events

SBMS Sports Schedule - Week of 9/24

Come out to cheer on the SBMS Redbirds!

Girls soccer HOME vs Millstone 3:45pm
Boys soccer HOME vs Millstone 3:45pm
Boys & Girls XC HOME vs Pond Road 3:45pm


Field hockey HOME vs Millstone 3:45pm

Field hockey HOME vs Cranbury 4:00pm

Field hockey @ Northern Burlington 4:00pm
Girls soccer @ Bordentown 3:45pm
Boys soccer HOME vs Bordentown 3:45pm

Week 3 Cafeteria Menu

Here is this week's cafeteria menu.


Enjoy the food!


September 13, 2012


Dear Parents/Guardians,


Enclosed please find your child's Individual Student Report for the New Jersey Assessment of Skills and Knowledge (NJ ASK).  The NJ ASK was administered in the spring of 2012 and is used to assess understanding in Language Arts Literacy and Mathematics.  This report provides your child's scores in each of those areas as well as a comparison with statewide mean scores.


The NJ ASK reports performance as scale scores within a range of 100 to 300.  Proficiency levels are outlined below.


Scale                    Score

Level of Performance

250 and above

Advanced Proficient



199 and below

Partially Proficient










If your child scored in the "Advanced Proficient" or "Proficient" range, he or she has met the state standard for that content area.  Scores below 200 indicate your child has not yet met the state standard for proficiency.  Any "partially proficient" score will be carefully reviewed within the context of your child's day-to-day classroom performance.  As a result, he or she may be recommended for some type of added instructional support.


Overall, we are extremely pleased with the progress of our students, and with how their scores compare with those of students from similar districts across the state. A full Achievement Report will be presented to the school board in November and then posted on the district website.


Please review your child's score report carefully.  Should you have any questions about it, you are welcome to reach out to your child's teacher or to contact me directly. 


As always, we appreciate your continued support.


My best,



Mark Guterl



Weekly Food Menu

This week's cafeteria menu looks delicious. Click here to see! MS Sept '12 week2 NEW public.pdf

Please take a moment to read the letter attached to this email (see link below) regarding the availability of fee abatements for those parents interested in taking a bus seat waiver for the current school year. The letter explains the process and includes an attached waiver application which can be sent back to the district by e-mail or by fax (609.259.0881.

As you are aware, the Board of Education is required to provide transportation services to elementary students living more than two miles from school and for high school students living more than two and a half miles from school. The Board recognizes that some pupils eligible for transportation services voluntarily elect not to use the service resulting in empty seats on the bus. In an effort to assist the Board in operating the district's transportation system in the most cost effective manner, the Board is offering parents the option of waiving their child's seat on the bus for the school year. Seats saved through this waiver process could then be reassigned to other students, allowing us to maximize seating on each bus. The letter contains additional information about the waiver process and a waiver application.

Click here: Transportation Waiver _1.pdf

September A/B Schedule

 See September's A/B-day schedule - Sept2012.pdf

Welcome Back!

We are looking forward to the most energizing week of the year! Our talented teachers arrive Tuesday and our super students arrive on Thursday! LOVE this time of year!!!!!

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