School-Wide Movie - A Part of the SUN Program - 12/23/11

We are very proud of the work that our students have done with our Stand United (SUN) Against Bullying initiative. As you know, we try to incorporate our SUN program into everything we do. With that in mind, on Friday (12/23), all of our students will be watching a "school-wide" movie that highlights the same themes as our Redbird 4 and SUN program.


Our selection for Friday, entitled Temple Grandin, is a true, inspiring and extraordinary story about a woman with autism. The movie is rated PG and was created by HBO films.


Below is an excerpt from the movie jacket,


Temple Grandin paints a picture of a young woman's perseverance and determination while struggling with the isolating challenges of autism at a time when it was still quite unknown. The film chronicles Temple's early diagnosis; her turbulent growth and development during her school years; the enduring support she received from her mother, aunt and science teacher; and her emergence as a woman with an innate sensitivity and understanding of animal behavior.


We hope the film will help build on the message that the Redbird 4 and SUN program give to our students.


If you would like to watch the movie with us, please feel free to join us.

Show times are as follows: 7th/8th grade - 8:30 a.m.; 5th/6th grade - 10:30 a.m.


If you would like further information about the movie, please feel free to visit .


If you have any questions or would prefer that your son/daughter not participate in watching the movie, simply email ( or call the main office.

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