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Recently, Mrs. Larkin's 7th grade language arts classes wrote magazine articles, which answered "burning questions." Each student identified a question, researched it and then published a feature article that helped the student (and the reader) answer those questions.

After much time and effort, Mrs. Larkin's students did an outstanding job capturing what a magazine article was all about. Below are a few examples of the stellar work of our 7th graders...enjoy!

Torturous Truth, Kali Hartshorn.pdf

Grizzly Jaws, Jordan Heinzel-Nelson.pdf

Fast Food Epidemic, Tori McGovern.pdf

Movie Special Effects, Josh Pacera.pdf

SCI, Jeremy Posluszny.pdf

Mysterious Disease, JulianaRizzieri.pdf

Upcoming Events at SBMS

This time of year consistently brings worthwhile events that highlight SBMS kids. This year is no exception! We have a number of events/activities that are coming up soon. Please mark your calendars. We look forward to seeing you at some of these events!

Upcoming Events:


6 - Spring Dance - (7pm-9:30pm, cafeteria) DancePermissionSlip-Spring.pdf

11 - Jazz/Art Show (cafeteria - ongoing from 2-5pm)

18 - 8 Band Field Trip (daytime, Freehold HS)

18 - 7/8 Chorus Concert (7pm, auditorium)

20 - PTA's Redbirds Got Talent

25 - 7/8 Band Concert (7pm, auditorium)

26 - 5 Chorus Musical - A Kid's Life (7pm, auditorium)


2 - 6 Chorus Musical - Sleeping Beauty Kids (7pm, auditorium)

3 - PTA's Hoop-a-palooza - Basketball

4 - Jazz Band field trip (all day, Dorney Park)

6 - Redbird Singers Trip to Bear Creek (tentative)

7 - Band 6 Concert (7pm, auditorium)

10 - 8th Grade Dance (7-11 pm, cafeteria)

21 - 8th Grade Graduation (7pm, SBMS)

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