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NJ ASK Testing Schedule

8th Grade

·         May 3 and 4 (Tues./Wed.) - LAL Day 1 and 2

o   Day 1 - 105 minutes

o   Day 2 - 120-135 minutes

·         May 5 (Thurs.) - Math

o   133 minutes

·         May 6 (Fri.) - Science

o   120 minutes 


 6th and 7th Grade

·         May 3 and 4 (Tues./Wed.) - LAL Day 1 and 2

o   Day 1 - 105 minutes

o   Day 2 - 120-135 minutes

·         May 5 and 6 (Thurs./Fri.) - Math Day 1 and 2

o   Day 1 - 64 minutes

o   Day 2 - 69 minutes


 5th Grade

·         May 9 and 10 (Mon./Tues.) - LAL Day 1 and 2

o   Day 1 - 90 minutes

o   Day 2 - 90 minutes

·         May 11 and 12 (Wed./Thurs.) - Math Day 1 and 2

o   Day 1 - 68 minutes

o   Day 2 - 68 minutes


A Day in the life of Stone Bridge


A Day in the Life of Stone Bridge Middle School is an entire class project presented by the 8th grade digital photography students, which culminates a recent unit of study focusing on photojournalism. Students explored some of the elements that make photojournalism different from other types of photography- "timeliness" in relation to current events or happenings, "objectivity" in capturing events accurately, and the idea that a picture should tell the story- and combined the fundamentals of good composition and other key basics of photography in order to share with the community what a typical day is like at SBMS.


We applaud our students (and Mrs. Moots) for their exceptional photographs.


A Day in the Life of Stone Bridge Middle School


Thumbnail image for Casey Provost1.jpgf

School nurse Ruby Klink checks students' weight on the scale in the nurse's office for health benefits.  [Photo by: CASEY PROVOST.  Editing techniques include changing the photo to a tint blue.]


Casey Provost2.jpg

The flags resemble the day that the entire 7th and 8th graders connected into one team in the beginning of the school year. As the flags hang in the foyer of the school's upper level, the day will stay in their memories forever. [Photo by CASEY PROVOST.  Editing techniques include sharpening and exposing more colors to the photo to make the flags brighter.]




 Seventh graders' art projects sit inside of the art room waiting to be finished.. [Photo taken by, MACKENZIE WARDELL. Photo was edited  by sharpening the picture and  using black and white on most of the picture except the projects]




The sun shines down on Mr.McEvoy's shrub in the new Stonebridge Middle School brick pathway, located at the main entrance. At the opening of the school year each homeroom was given a shrub to plant symbolizing  the start of a new generation. (Photo taken by ROBERT ELLERSON) 




Stone Bridge Middle School's 8th grade students Hershal Patel, Andrew Clark, and Dylan Lamb enjoy their lunches as the school anti-bullying banner reminds them to always include anyone and everyone during their last year of middle school. [PHOTO BY DAKOTA COOPER] 




On the ceiling outside of the main office, this mural, which was painted by Patrick Devonas, reminds the students of the Redbird 4- Respect, Responsibility, Integrity, and Empathy. [Photo by: CHRISTIE FLOCK]




Stephanie Kaminstein performs a social studies skit in Mr. Scaturo's class on March 18,2011, while learning about the mafia. She performs a tragic love scene where her boyfriend in the mafia is arrested but cracks a joke while he is being handcuffed.

(Photo taken by ANTHONY FOTI)




On the sidewalk, with the Stone Bridge Middle School in the background,  a rock sits by itself. The  sun illuminates the left side of the rock, allowing the rock to cast a shadow. [Photo by: GRACE KOCH]




Mrs. Hoffman's 6th grade Social Studies class is trying to determine who the real Julius Caesar is in "To Tell The Truth". Is Julius Caesar Victoria Dee, Zachary Dowbnia, or Tommy Krosnowski? The Roman public demands to know! [Photo by NATALIE JOYE]



Custodian, Ruthann Harper, takes pride in keeping our new school sparkling clean. [Photo by NATALIE JOYE]




Emma Kilyk captures a photograph of the Stone Bridge Middle School courtyard on March 8th, 2011. From the top level of the building, in the common area, she is destined to get an immaculate shot (photo taken and edited by MAKENNA KATZ). 



Kilyk1.jpgThumbnail image for Kilyk2.jpg

A hallway in Stone Bridge Middle School is deserted for a moment before the rush of students comes in between classes. [Photo by EMMA KILYK]




As the sun shines through the dark storm clouds, the buses line up in their orderly fashion at the end of the day, waiting for the hoard of students that rush to go home.  [Photo by HAL SHAW.  Photo editing includes lens flare and quick fix.]




6th grade Language Arts teacher, Mrs. Richards, helps answer  questions as her students work in the new Stone Bridge Middle School library.

[Photo by: GRACE KOCH] 




Stone Bridge Middle School's eighth grade science projects inside the eighth grade science lab.. The cell projects were in the science lab on March 4th, 2011.





Five days a week, Stone Bridge Middle School's hardworking lunch staff provides a wide variety of food choices for the students to enjoy. [Photo by: KATIE MILES.  Using photo collage on Adobe Photoshop Elements 9 several photos were combined.]




8th grader Christie Flock jumps rope in the auxiliary gym during one of the photography classes. The assignment was to photograph motion. [Photo by LEXIE NIERSTEDT. Editing features used include increasing the brightness, and increasing the temperature using Adobe Photoshop.]







Jeremy Posluszny in Mrs. Larkin's Language Arts class teaches the class how to bring up a contemporary document on Microsoft Word on 3/4/11.  (Photo taken by HERSHAL PATEL)




Custodian Bill Murphy cleaning a hallway in Stone Bridge Middle School.  (Photo taken by KEVIN PEREIRA, using lighting highlights to enhance the photo on Adobe Photoshop)




On 3/8/11 the digital photography class takes advantage of the nice weather by going outside to take pictures. Craig Mallet focuses on taking a photo of the school. [Photo taken by JUSTIN SCARANO. Editing on Photoshop Elements 9 using the posterize effect.]




8th grade digital photography students Isabella Trolle (right) and friend have a conversation in front of  the new Stone Bridge Middle School.( Photo taken by WILLIAM SJAASTAD)





 Dan Guricci wipes away eraser shavings as he prepares for upcoming NJ Ask testing.  This year's test dates for 6th, 7th and 8th grade are May 3rd -6th, and 5th grade testing is on May 10th -13th .  [Photo taken by SAMANTHA RUDIN]




The Stand UNited painting is displayed in the showcase next to the library, reminding all the students to stand united and to report any bullying that they see in our school. [Photo by: TAYLOR RATCLIFFE]




Hershal Patel (left) and Anthony Foti (right) observe pictures on Anthony's camera in the computer lab during Digital Photography class.  (Photo taken by: BRANDON STANAWAY)




Sixth grader, Taro DeRogatis, signs himself into school in the main office. [Photo by EMMA TIMMONS]





The sound and lighting board in the auditorium helps produce extraordinary performances held by the Stone Bridge Middle School students.  [Photo by: EMMA TIMMONS]





(Front to back) Makenna Katz, Emma Kilyk, and Isabella Trolle edit pictures for photography class. (Photo taken by HALEY STOREY)







Victoria Jankowsy looks up at the camera after sitting down before the bell rings, in Mr. McEvoy's 4th period writing class.  Also pictured in the back is 8th grade student, Dylan Lamb. {Photo by ISABELLA TROLLE}



On Monday, March 14th 2011, National Pi Day, Mrs. Hoffman (left) and Mrs. Burek (right) recite the never ending digits of pi to their 7th period students. [Photo by JANE MINAR].







































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