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Many people have asked, "What does the staff do when the kids leave on early dismissal days?" The answer: The faculty at Stone Bridge uses this time to develop as educators. Early dismissal days are extremely valuable to any school staff, because they give the faculty an opportunity to work together and learn more about their craft - teaching. There are only a few early dismissal days each year, but we cherish every minute of these days, because it is so important to continue to evolve as middle school educators.

Today, we are focusing on two major topics, differentiation and technology. These are both district focuses for the school year, and we will be spending our time diving into both of these fantastic topics.

Some of our topics include:

* Reading and Writing Workshop Articulation - This meeting of LA teachers in grades 5-8 will help to differentiate the mini-lessons and skills taught at each grade level for reading and writing workshop.  Some time may also be spent looking at lessons related to grammar, spelling, and the identification of word patterns. The goal will be to develop a logical progression of language arts skills from grade five through grade eight.

* E-Learning Academy: Differention

  • Building a Classroom Community That Supports A Differentiated Classroom

        Dr. Debbie Silver  presents ways to create a positive classroom community. Participants will learn how to structure their classrooms to meet the goals of differentiated instruction utilizing the underlying belief that "in order for children to learn they must first feel safe and secure." The components of social learning, such as Emotional Intelligence and Attribution Theory, are explained, along with ways to help emotionally troubled children and using journals .


  •  More Strategies for Differentiation

Building on the logic for differentiation, this lecture takes a closer look at useful strategies for addressing variance with regard to student readiness, interest, and learning profile. The session will examine some ready-to-go strategies. Each strategy will be traced from research-based roots to implementation level in the classroom. The lecture will take an in-depth look at Howard Gardner's Entry Points, how a Tiered Lesson works and Robert Sternberg's Triarchic Intelligences.


* Suicide Prevention - As part of a district requirement, all staff members must take part in suicide prevention training during this school year.

* Smartboard for Beginners - An introductory workshop that helps guide teachers through the ins and outs of Smartboards. 

* Smartboard 2: Electric Boogaloo - Teachers who already know the ins and outs of Smartboards come to learn how to add some flair to their lessons: Adding movies, sounds, even animations!  They also learn how to make things disappear, adding graphics, and maybe more!! 

* EarthPoint: Electronic Maps - Teachers literally have the world at your fingertips!  EarthPoint provides access to hundreds of different physical and political maps - and the ability to interact with them electronically! This is a must-have tool for any social studies teacher and for anyone else who wants to increase students' geographical and historical awareness.  This workshop is designed to introduce teachers to the basics of EarthPoint and to pique their curiosity about its further potential.  Want to know more?  Check out the follow link:  http://www.theearthpoint.com/

* Technology Potpourri - Interested in skyping with students from another country?  Want to create a podcast, edit a movie, or play with an iPad?  This workshop is designed to help teachers explore some of the most exciting and educationally promising Web 2.0 technologies.

Congratulations goes to Ms. Zukus, the SBMS cheerleading coach (and teacher), and our cheerleaders for organizing the annual Shoot for the Cure, which raises money for breast cancer research. With the support of the boys' and girls' basketball teams, students and their parents baked goods to be sold during our games against Millstone. These delicious baked goods were a hit with our fans. Additionally, our cheerleaders and the basketball teams from SBMS and Millstone wore pink to bring attention to this wonderful cause. Thanks to all of our parents for helping to support this initiative. All proceeds went to the Susan G. Komen Foundation.  

Fantastic Writing - Character Sketches

Here are a few examples of great writing by three of our 8th grade students. We are proud of Ansley, Stephanie and Katie! Enjoy!

Annie's Words by Ansley Kunnath.pdf


Molly Faith by Katie Miles.pdf

Lauren Matthews by Stephanie Kaminstein.pdf


More student work to come soon!

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