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There are moments in our lives that we never forget...a wedding, the birth of a child, your first day as a teacher, a memorable vacation, etc...Today was one of those days. Our long awaited Stand UNited Celebration took place, and it was fantastic! I will truly never forget it.

The purpose of our celebration was to recommit ourselves to the four tenets of our Stand UNited initiative:

1) We do not bully.

2) We always help others.

3) We include those who are left out.

4) We report bullying behavior.

The day was filled with energy, enthusiasm and spirit. The most important part of the day was the message that Dr. Michael Fowlin shared with our students. A message of tolerance, hope, acceptance and "smiles" gave us all something to think about. It was a deep and riveting presentation that gave students the challenge of standing up for what they "need to do" rather than what they were "supposed to do." The day ended with a video presentation that highlighted the key messages of our celebration.

Thumbnail image for Dr. Mykee.JPGWe thank all of our parents and community members that were a part of the celebration. Bullying is a problem that encompasses us all...thank you for Standing UNited with us!


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