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Welcome back UFRMS students, parents and staff! I hope your break was enjoyable, relaxing and worthwhile. With the weather indicating that Spring is fully upon us, my excitement grows as we get closer to the opening of our Stone Bridge Middle School. I am most energized by what this school will do for our kids and community. After years of overcrowded spaces, it is something that we have all been looking forward to for many years. Presently, the school is 86% complete! Enjoy the pictures!


Auxiliary Gym

Back of School.JPG

Back of Stone Bridge MS

Baseball Field.JPG

Baseball Field

BAnd room.JPG

Band Room



caf windows.JPG

Cafeteria windows


Hallway (5th Grade)

Student Entrance outside.JPG

Student Entrance

Main entrance.JPG

Main Entrance

sci class.JPG

Science classroom

Student Entrance.JPG

Student Entrance (from the inside)

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