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Got Brainy? - Vote NOW!

Last month, I posted information about our 8th graders creating videos to demonstrate SAT words for a contest on (see February 3rd post). This learning experience (created by Mrs. Gleason and Mrs. Rowland) is also a contest where UFRMS students compete with other students from around the country. The voting for each video has begun and ends on March, IT'S TIME TO VOTE! Please go to each link below to vote for your favorite.

Plethora --

Ubiquitous --

Arboreal --

Vex --

Opulent --

Utopia --

Thanks and enjoy the beautiful weather!

Congratulations go out to all of our 7th and 8th graders who were a part of this year's play, Disney's Beauty and the Beast, Jr.! YOU were terrific, and you made UFRMS very proud. Each night you performed to standing ovations and packed houses. I applaud each of you for your tremendous work.

Additionally, we thank Mrs. Bartlett for her work directing the play. Putting a play together is no easy feat, so Mrs. Bartlett (and the parents and staff members who helped out, too!) deserves a big round of applause as well.

Below are some pictures that I know you will enjoy! GREAT work cast and crew!

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