Highlighting Great Writing

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Periodically, I will be posting some samples of student writing (with permission, of course). I think it's important for everyone to see some of the terrific examples of writing that our students produce. They have truly benefited from the implementation of Writer's Workshop, and I feel that sharing their work provides some insight to the high level of student writing that is taking place at UFRMS.

I hope you enjoy!

Joy Ride.pdf by Grace Koch
Kidnapped and Shoved Down a Hill.pdf by Ashleigh Davidson
Emerald.pdf by Hayley Peterson
My Worst Mistake.pdf by Alyssa Sargent
Drowning Fish.pdf by Ashley Kunnath
The Sound Of Color.pdf by Victoria Cheff
Summer is What We Live For.pdf by Mandy Hornyak
Giving Away a Loved One.pdf by Katie Howell

This writing is all amazing you should post new writings more often!

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