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Highlighting Great Writing

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Periodically, I will be posting some samples of student writing (with permission, of course). I think it's important for everyone to see some of the terrific examples of writing that our students produce. They have truly benefited from the implementation of Writer's Workshop, and I feel that sharing their work provides some insight to the high level of student writing that is taking place at UFRMS.

I hope you enjoy!

Joy Ride.pdf by Grace Koch
Kidnapped and Shoved Down a Hill.pdf by Ashleigh Davidson
Emerald.pdf by Hayley Peterson
My Worst Mistake.pdf by Alyssa Sargent
Drowning Fish.pdf by Ashley Kunnath
The Sound Of Color.pdf by Victoria Cheff
Summer is What We Live For.pdf by Mandy Hornyak
Giving Away a Loved One.pdf by Katie Howell

8th Graders Create 'Brainy Flix' Videos

Effectively engaging students is something that teachers attempt to do every single day...every minute of the day. As we teach in the digital age, with "digital natives" sitting in our classrooms, we are challenged to integrate technology meaningfully into our instruction. Recently, one of Mrs. Gleason's 8th grade language arts classes, along with the Mrs. Rowland, got the opportunity to act out SAT words in order to develop a clear understanding of the word's meaning and to share its meaning with others in an engaging, humorous and meaningful way. They shared their videos with Dr. Fitzpatrick, Mr. Cochrane, Mrs. Dobrowansky and myself.

Mrs. Gleason's 8th grade students are taking part in a "Brainy Flix" competition from www.gotbrainy.com. You can vote for your favorite in March. We will post the dates for voting when they arrive.

Below are the links for the videos. Enjoy!

Plethora -- http://www.gotbrainy.com/videos/1524

Ubiquitous -- http://www.gotbrainy.com/videos/1527

Arboreal -- http://www.gotbrainy.com/videos/1526

Vex -- http://www.gotbrainy.com/videos/1525

Opulent -- http://www.gotbrainy.com/videos/1523

Utopia -- http://www.gotbrainy.com/videos/1522

Figurative -- http://www.gotbrainy.com/videos/1518 (This is Mrs.Rowland's and Mrs. Gleason's that was used as an example.)

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