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The construction on the new Stone Bridge Middle School is continuing to progress nicely. The school is 75% complete, which is ahead of where it was projected to be at this time. The school, and the space it provides at each of our schools, is something that our district needs. Stone Bridge will be an immeasurable benefit to our students and their education!

Below are pictures that were taken on Thursday, January 21st. Enjoy!

Thumbnail image for Front of building.JPG

Front of Stone Bridge Middle School

Thumbnail image for Art Room.JPG

Art Room

Aud. Stage.JPG

Auditorium Stage

Back of Library2.JPG

Library Media Center

Blue lockers - Hallway.JPG 5th/6th Grade Hallway

Team Gathering Area Hallway w lockers!.JPG

Compass - N.JPG Compass Rose - Finding Our True North

 Library/Media Center Library.JPG

Wiindow casing from Courtyard.JPG Window Casing from Courtyard

 Science Lab Science Lab.JPG

Locker Room.JPG Locker Room

Small Group Instruction Room SGI Clasroom.JPG

Facing North - Compass Rose.JPG Looking forward to Finding True North!

Each marking period, the ABC (Anti-Bullying Coalition) will be sending home a newsletter for parents and students (with their report cards) to provide an update on the progress of our Stand UNited campaign ( Jan. Newsletter - ABC.pdf ). Only in our first year of the program, we believe that the efforts of the ABC, teachers and students are making an impact already!

Additionally, the ABC has its own website that can be accessed through the UFRMS web page. Its address is https://www.ufrsd.net/pages/ms_abc_olweus. Other information regarding Standing UNited is available on the ABC page, as well.

The ABC has also established an email address ( abc@ufrsd.net ) to provide easy communication for students and parents with the ABC. Please let us know if you have any questions, we'd be happy to answer them.

Stand UNited!

Stand UNited LOGO.jpg

Recently, while at home over the Winter break, I saw two interesting and humorous commercials that were a small example of what the term "21st Century Learning" means. I thought I'd share them. They are both advertisements for Cisco Systems.



Although these commercials represent the most basic example of video conferencing with students from the other side of the globe, one can see the power that technology can bring into the classroom. Imagine a classroom where students are studying the weather and are able to video conference with meteorologists from across the United States or the World. The reality is that our kids are "digital natives"....the more relevance and purposeful use of technology we can provide, the more Stone Bridge will provide for our kids.

Our possibilities are limitless...

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