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7th/8th Graders Crochet for a Cause!

I have always been impressed with the willingness of our kids to help out those who are in need. This story is just a small example of how a group of UFRMS students are setting out to make a difference!

Most would have thought that the middle schoolers of 2009/2010 would have little interest in learning how to crochet.  Little did we know...

Crochet Club.JPG 


The skill of crochet is something that you can take with you your whole life.  The seventh and eighth graders, who have chosen to be a part of Crochet Club with Ms. Staley, have taken about four weeks to learn the art of crocheting and many have already sewn their way through three yarns and have large blankets in the works! The blankets are all shades of pinks, greens, blues, and yellows. crochet2.JPGThey will be donated to the babies and young children at Angel's Wings - a home for foster children before they are placed with a foster family.  The students involved have really taken the skill to heart and have worked on the blankets during their free time and also when they get together on weekends.  They have said that their reward is giving back and feeling good about doing something nice for others.

UFRMS truly has great kids! Don't we?


The construction of the Stone Bridge Middle School is progressing nicely. Everyone is excited about the benefit that this building will help to provide our students and community. It is something that they both deserve!

As we continue to plan for the opening of the school, I thought it would be nice to show you how far we've come since August 2008. It is simply amazing. Enjoy the photos....more updated photos will be posted soon.

Carpe Diem.


August '08.JPG

August 2008 - Mr. G. and Mrs. D. begin shoveling at the future location of Stone Bridge Middle School.


March '09.JPG

March 2009 - 7 months into the project!


Oct. '09.JPG

October 2009 - It's really going to happen!


Inclusive Schools Week - Dec. 7-11

The celebration of Inclusive Schools Week offers UFRMS an opportunity to highlight and celebrate the progress that our school community has made in providing a supportive learning environment for every student. We want to acknowledge, celebrate and show our appreciation for the hard work and commitment of our entire school community in creating inclusive environments. is a terrific site that has been shared with our staff to give them ideas and opportunities to celebrate this wonderful week. Additionally, you may notice that our marque will indicate our participation in Inclusive Schools Week and display a section of our mission statement:

"All Learners Welcomed, Accepted As They Are"

Please join us in celebrating the wonderful message and action that this week brings!

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Egyptian Museum 09-2.JPGEqyptian museum 09.JPGYesterday, our talented 6th graders presented the Ancient Egyptian Museum for all of the elementary and middle school students! Months of hard work culminated in a terrific learning experience for our museum-goers and our presenters. Some of the activities included students journeying through King Tut's tomb, visiting the Spinx and learning how mummification took place in ancient Egypt. Our 6th graders dressed and acted as if they had journeyed through time giving each visitor a real-life experience.

We are immensely proud of all of our 6th graders and their teachers for making this authentic learning experience one that will be remembered for a lifetime. Congratulations Adventurers and Explorers!

21st Century Learning!

I was inspired to start this blog today while attending a conference on 21st Century Learning. Motivated by the enthusiasm of Heidi Hayes Jacobs and Bill Sheskey, this blog will be the beginning of more advances in what we do to help our students. My hope is that "Mr. G's. Blog" will serve as a newsletter and communication tool for the parents and students of UFRMS, soon to be the Stone Bridge Middle School.

I am so energized and excited by the students and teachers of our school. I am convinced that the power and relevance of 21st century teaching tools will help every student...every single day. I also believe that this technology will cultivate the same energy and enthusiasm from each student as they enter the doors of Stone Bridge!


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