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AHS's HALF and HALF in 2nd Round of MSG Varsity Talent Show

AHS's Half and Half performed in the 2nd round of MSG Varsity's Talent Show last night.  We need you votes once again to get them to the 3rd round.  Please be sure to vote at msgvarsity/  Voting will close on Thursday morning. 


We appreciate everyone's support.  Don't forget to vote! 


Be sure to come to the high school on Thursday, May 24th to see the art work from students in grade K - 12.   The show will be open from 6 - 9 PM.  The elementary and middle school art work will be on display in the new gym.  The high school art work will be in the library, hall ways and in the atrium by the main office.  Be sure to walk down 6th hall to see the new showcases displaying art work.

At 7:00, please join us for our Choral Concert in the auditorium.  You will also be able to get a copy of the just published literary magazine, Impressions.

You will be amazed by the talent of our students at every level.  Don't miss this great evening. 


MSG Varsity's Talent Show will feature our Half and Half under the direction of Mark Megill on Sunday, May 6th on iO TV Channel 14 at 8:00 PM. 

MSG Varsity is the first television, online and interactive network devoted entirely to high school life.  This is the second season of the talent show created to spotlight the most talented high school students in the tri-state area.  Each week you can watch top acts and then vote for your favorite group.  Of course, your favorite will be AHS's Half and Half.

There are three rounds of competition.  May 6 will end the first round.  If we win the 1st round, we will continue to the 2nd round which will be shown on May 20th, the third round on May 27th and the winners will be revealed on June 3rd. 

After each of the shows:  May 6, May 20 and May 27 we need your votes.  You can vote from each Sunday's program until the following Thursday.  Voting is limited to 5,000 votes per IP address for each calendar day of voting.  You can vote online at:

Go to

Click "VOTE"

It will take you to a page that says "Ready to vote?"

Click "VOTE NOW"


Thank you for your support of our very talented students!


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